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Technology can either move your business forward or hold it back.

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Website Support

Reliable, Safe, and Secure Managed Web Hosting Affordable Website Design E-Commerce Website Solutions

Technology Guidance

Technology platform assessments Run Rate Analysis Business Processes Review and Optimization Strategic Planning and Solution Design

Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Customizable, reliable hosting for your website. Free consultation included with hosting package.
Technology Advice

Technology Advice

I have a small business (or am responsible for technology) and I have questions. Can you help me?

What We Can Do For You

From building and maintaining your website, to providing customized technology advice specific to your situation, we can help you. We can also improve your e-commerce or connect you with partners that can educate you on how to grow your business online.  Other available assistance includes mobile app development, software selection, and more.

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Reliable Service
Sail-On Enterprises is a good tech partner as I run my news website, Oklahoma City Free Press. WordPress is very familiar to me and I don’t have a hard time working with the self-hosted version of it. But, I have little time to dig into the intricacies of running a server. And, I sure don’t have the time to deal with the big, direct sales server farms where there is little actual support given and even less reliability. That’s where SOE comes in. I’ve found the service itself to be very reliable. And I’ve found their knowledge and ability to provide good, reliable server support to be impressive. I would recommend him and the services that he provides to anyone who wants to worry only about the front end of their WordPress site and not have to worry about the server.
As a web designer who handles many projects, I need a reliable hosting service with good rates and flexibility. SOE gives me all of this, and is attentive to detail and speed of service. On top of all of that, he is always looking to increase the quality of services offered. SOE delivers EXCELLENT service and will treat your business well.
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Extremely Beneficial
The broad variety of services and level of commitment offered by SOE have been extremely beneficial to our company over the last few years.  Whether it was building secure servers, coordinating complex web projects, mitigating impact from attempted cyber-attacks or even working with video production hardware, SOE was always focused and dedicated to helping us reach a quick and elegant resolution.